3 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Kids

Hey, All! Welcome to Week 2 of Lil’ Sprouts! Last week we focused on some of the disheartening statistics children have to face in the U.S. regarding health, food and disease. This week will be a little more of that plus some fun stuff: reading, crafts, snacks, picky eating tips, raw juices and who knows what else. Up now, reading!

My son J is 3 1/2 and I love our reading time. I have noticed lately that I have created this pattern of only reading to him at bedtime, as if that is the only time of day to read. Really? I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I am inspired to read more to him and change it up a bit. How about not only ending the day this way, but starting it as well? What a great way to wake up if you’re a kid, have a book or chapter read to you by mom, dad or grandma while you snuggle up together before breakfast. Reality check. For most of us we are lucky to get our kids out of bed on time and have them brush their teeth and eat before school (I’m not there yet, but as the oldest of three I remember those mornings well), but maybe, just maybe a book for the younger ones or even half a chapter for the older kids would actually help the morning process? Even if I sound out to lunch on this one, why not at least give it a try?! This would mean getting up a wee bit earlier, but give it a go, even 1 time/week or if this absolutely ludicrous, try it on as a weekend tradition. I’m excited.

There’s a real joy in reading. Look at a child lost in a story. Feel the bond between the child and a parent reading to that child – or the child reading to the parent. It’s wonderful. –Egmont UK Children’s Publishing

Pinterest (as you know) is literally overflowing with resources, ideas and info. I compiled a list of 3 Ways to Make Reading More Accessible for Kids with Pinterest ideas from my own board ‘My 3-Year-Old Boy‘ and elsewhere.

1. Create An Intentional Reading Library for Your Child

  1. Building Your Child’s Library via the Lollipop Book Club
  2. The Best Bookshelf via Little Stories


2. Create a List of Your Child’s Favorite Reads

Less Stuff More Happy shares her kid’s favorite reading list. Cute! Here are more favs below by age + other fun, reading resources.

via No Time for Flash Cards

via Spell Out Loud

via Sarah Bessey

via Grasping for Objectivity

via Alina’s Adventures in Almost Everything

I’m a mama to a boy so this list will be handy as he grows!

via 4tunate

Stories Read Aloud by Their Authors by Barnes & Noble

via Literacy and Laughter

3. Create Places & Spaces for Your Child to Read Everywhere

$4 Ikea Bookshelf Idea via Wonderful Joy Ahead

Hanging Book Display via Penny Carnival

$20 DIY Shelving via Frugal Home Designs

10 Reading Space Ideas via blogtownmom

There ya’ll go! Three simple ways to make reading more accessible by being intentional with our home libraries, books and places to read. Have a great day and I’ll be thinking of you all bright and early as I attempt to read to my J-man before pre-school. Yikes!



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  • Crystal says:

    We love rotating books often (usually from the library so it’s not expensive), & pull ones out that relate to the season/holidays/his current interests… etc. & he’s now used to reading w/daddy in the morning & w/mommy after school/after dinner & before bed. Its some of my fav times!! so it’s cool you’re focusing on this topic! It’s not highlighted enough in our tube-age 🙂

    • Freshly Grown says:

      We used to go to the library almost weekly, especially in Maui and now have gotten away from that. We drive right by the library before and after pre-school and I need to remember to stop once in awhile and make it a point to make a fund date out of it. Thanks for your ideas, love the holiday-themed one. Using it!

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