Chicken Little

I will never forget my little one’s first run-in with chickens. He was mesmerized. J had just turned two and I remember he looked up at me tentatively like, ‘Mama, can I get closer, is it okay?’ with those unsure eyes. When I gave him the nod, he ran. He chased those chickens around the farm, sometimes with abandonment as he rushed toward them in exuberance, other times hesitantly when he got a little too close. We were living in Maui at the time and had fallen in love with Upcountry, Kula Country Farms in particular. Many trips were taken up there to buy fresh produce and take in the cool cooler Maui air. You can see so much of the island from the farm, beautiful scenery, beautiful memories. Maui, you are missed. 


  • kyle says:

    aw, I love this story. way to go.

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Thanks, Love 🙂

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