gath·er /ˈgaT͟Hər/ – to bring together into one group, collection, or place

Hey, All. One of my favorite things on earth is to get people around a table over good food. Whether it be for Thanksgiving or just ’cause, it opens the doorway for connection, conversation and laughter, definitely laughter (and the occasional drama that comes with bringing family together for the holidays, or is that just me?). One of our traditions around our dinner table is High-Low. We go around and tell the high of our day and the low of our day, even my 3-year-old pipes in. Something about a question at the dinner table gets the convo going. For Thanksgiving over the past few years, we usually go over to this amazing family’s house that has been a part of my husband’s life since he was in high school. We gather with their family and mutual friends and it is one of the highlights of our year. Why? Because every, single year Bill, the dad, asks a deep, meaningful question about the past year. One by one, we each go around and take a turn answering. We laugh for sure as we fill our bellies with the comfort of Thanksgiving goodness and at some point, tears are always shed by at least a few (okay, me. I am one out of the few that cries every, stinkin’ time) as the depth of some souls are bared. My hubs and I always leave feeling so peaceful and full in our spirits, and of course our stomachs. It makes Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving. This year, however, they are all going their separate ways as some are married and have family elsewhere. It will be a bit different as we are celebrating with some of my husband’s family the day before Thanksgiving, and so I’m not entirely sure yet what we’ll be up to on Thanksgiving day. Whatever it is, whether it be serving others at a kitchen or joining friends, it will be good because we will be together around a table somewhere ‘breaking bread’ and slowing life down a bit.

‘Gather.’ I like this word and what it represents and I want more of it in my life. I will be posting things that come up for me around gathering. Beautiful pics, recipes, serving others and whatever else comes my way as I blog each day. I hope you have a place to gather this year that is full of peace, community and warm food. I realize not everyone is this fortunate as I drive down Burnside every Sunday and pass the Portland Rescue Mission. Folks line the sidewalk each week as they are sleeping, trying to stay warm or waiting for food. It always pierces my heart and I am left feeling inadequate as to how I can help solve this issue, as if I could. Since we feel a bit displaced ourselves this year, it is leaving opportunity for us to help those that are truly displaced out of family and home. If we can’t find somewhere to lend a hand this late in the game, we will be with friends, but I hope to find somewhere or someone we can bring a meal to. Keep you posted. 🙂

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I love Kinfolk Magazine and was introduced to it when a friend mailed an issue to me when we were living in Maui. Thanks, friend. The featured Gather pic is taken from Kinfolk with the words added.

Kinfolk, a guide for small gatherings. How apropos.

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