Our Gender Reveal Party for Baby #2

I promised you guys I would post pics of our gender reveal party a.k.a. finding out if our second is a boy or girl ages ago!  A promise is a promise and better late than never, right? I got this idea from Pinterest (big surprise) and it went off without a hitch. Well…almost. The hubs (Kyle) decided to play a prank on me during the reveal part. Yeah, not cool. Although he (and everyone else) thought it was pretty funny.

This was how our party would go down. We’d hosted it at my hubs’ restaurant. He’s a GM at a local restaurant in downtown PDX. We’d make it really chill, potluck-style, and have everyone hang out, eat and play pool. And, we’d have a cake with the color of the gender hidden inside. Kyle and I would find out the gender of baby #2 along with everyone else once the cake was cut open. My awesome midwife Tarrin {she blogs over at The Paleo Homesteader} volunteered to make the gluten-free, eggless cake for us with the surprise color of the gender inside in frosting form: blue for boy, pink for girl.

So, the day of the party lots of friends and family show up and we eat, drink and are most certainly merry (naturally), but I am also so so nervous because I have been praying for our little girl to enter our lives for as long as we’ve had our incredible boy who is now 4 1/2. We picked out her name at the same time we picked out J-man’s and just knew she would one day be in our lives…we just didn’t know if it would be this time around or not. I would love to have four kiddos. Two of our own and two adopted siblings from Africa (one of those dream things I’ve had since I was little, not to be confused with the trendy, Hollywood thing). I would have been thrilled with a boy, too, but having our girl meant we could be done with pregnancy and all of the awesomeness it entails (my prego hormones and I = cray cray!) and we could move on down the road to adoption, whenever the timing is right. So, this was a big moment. To be done or not to be done. I prayed my butt off, not gonna’ lie. I’m pretty sure if God heard me one more time he would have given me a girl just so he could not hear me anymore. Good thing He doesn’t work that way, right? 😉 Back to being merry…we were all waiting in anticipation to cut the cake and see what was inside.

Oh, one more thing. There was this bet. We have these Voice parties, as in The Voice tv show, because everyone from Kyle’s work loves to sing and karaoke (like they take it really seriously), I love to sing, too and my hubs loves music and drums and plays the guitar and what not, so we get together and watch The Voice every week and eat awesome food. At one of these said Voice parties, a bet was hedged. It was based on whether or not we would have a boy or girl and it was between our two friends Dan & Roxanne. Whoever lost the bet by guessing the wrong gender had to wear a full adult-sized baby outfit of the correct gender at the reveal party and Caroline (former Ms. Oregon, who also works at the restaurant and she sews) would make said costume. Because Caroline had to make the costume ahead of time, she was the first to know the gender. We handed her the ultrasound in a sealed envelope and she quickly hit the fabric store. Talk about killer suspense. She then texted Tarrin with the results so Tarrin could make the cake. Caroline is also a fashion blogger over at dorkychickinlipstick.com and wrote an awesome post about this day’s events. Link at the bottom of this post!

Back to being merry…again. We were all holding our breath. The drums were rolling, hearts were pounding. Boy. Or girl? We cut open the cake…um…neutral frosting??? And this would be the part when my husband played his prank. He thought it would be so awesome to have neutral colored frosting. Not cool, not cool! 🙂 And then there was the joke about the cake being chocolate colored inside and everyone looks at Dejene, Kyle’s brother from another mother (we call the two of them Ebony and Ivory) and he starts walking backwards with his hands up like, ‘It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!’ with the running joke that if this baby comes out not as white as Kyle, we all know why. Truth: D is actually married to the love of his life and they are expecting, too, we just found out!!! So, at this point I remember looking around all confused-like and thinking, ‘Why isn’t the frosting pink or blue??’ and my midwife telling us to just keep cutting, so we do. And what do we find in the center? Take a look at the pics for how this whole shin-dig unfolded….

Dan (left and the one in on the bet) – Kyle (right, my hubs)

Dejene right. a.k.a. Ebony + some of the lovely ladies in my life 😉

Potluck Style!

Grandma Dannelle


Friends + Me

My Little with the Little I used to nanny and now she’s all grown up 🙂

Mina & J!!

The Hubs making faces


Me making faces (oh, the nerves!)


Beautiful ladies. (Roxanne in the organge and white stripes = the other half of the bet! Caroline, the farthest one on the right in back = former Ms. Oregon + the sewer of the outfit for the loser of the bet!)


The cake!


It was so good! Gluten-free & egg-free? It’s possible. Maybe my midwife will post the recipe on her site. 😉


Drum roll please…



Ah! Here we go!




Um…orange frosting? Neither pink or blue. Say wha??!!


He’s laughing. I look tortured. Really funny, Kyle. 😉


Attempt #2 What the heck is in the center? (I still think I’m looking for frosting.)

22 21

And…I lost it! Do you see what’s in my hubs’ hand?


A pink shoe.


Hugs all around


Dan may have lost the bet, but he was touched nonetheless.


Teary-eyed words of thanks for people being a part of our special day


It’s a girl! Roxanne won. Dan lost.


Didn’t Caroline do a great job? He makes one handsome girl baby.


And last but not least, my hubs giving some love to his buddy all dressed in pink.


Cheers to our next adventure. Baby girl S…we can’t wait to meet you!!


 Caroline’s post  –>> Real Men Dress Like Baby Girls


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