Highlights from an Unjunked Halloween

Unjunked Halloween was a success! I had so much fun and so did my Little. I did the whole ‘Switch Witch‘ thing and while he was out with dad and friends trick or treating, I was home (3rd trimester, a month to go, not trick or treating!) making homemade treats and food and creating a bag of organic goodies for my 4-year-old. I made homemade dino chocolates, dark chocolate peanut butter cups with sea salt, Vegan cashew cheese dip and veggies, frozen yogurt ghosts, green guacamole monster, ghost and spider pizza and I was going to make a green monster smoothie for a drink, but I totally spaced it (did I mention I have prego brain?). 😉 He came home after trick or treating and his face was priceless! He lit up when he saw everything, dropped his junk candy and circled the table of fun. I had his bag ready to go for the switch and he was all about it. Totally consider doing this next year, it was so much fun on both ends and he walked away with treats minus the high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, ADD triggering food dyes and a list of chemicals and preservatives. Win! I gave him a small pile of his organic candy and he literally ate two suckers (they were Vit C suckers but you couldn’t tell!), a few sour worms, a piece of hard candy and pushed the rest of the pile away and said he was done. Um…what? I thought he would go nuts. Nope. I liked that I wasn’t restrictive and allowed him to test the waters. I always hear stories of parents being super controlling or overly restrictive about what their kids eat and then they flip out when they go to school or can get their own food elsewhere. We strive for balance around here. It’s not always perfect, but so far, so good! Our Halloween highlights in pics…









IMG_1305 {he didn’t get Jelly Bellies, they were just the bags New Seasons had to put bulk candy in}




 Until next year…


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  • Rebecca Cody says:

    I love this! Wish I’d been so smart when my kids were little!

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Thanks Rebecca! It was totally new for us, but worked so well! I grew up gorging myself on crap candy and if the ingredients weren’t so awful I wouldn’t mind a once a year binge, but it’s some gnarly stuff our kids don’t need. Glad you enjoyed the post 😉 Thanks for reading. -Rama

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