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Gifts for Christmas

I am not the craftiest gal by any means, but what I do have going for me is this overwhelming desire to make things from scratch. Whether it be food, body products or other homemade items, I want to give it a go. For the holidays this year, I am going to attempt to make some gifts myself. I have ideas for both Christmas and the New Year. I am thinking infused sea salts for cooking, spice rubs, trail mix, body scrubs, truffles perhaps, peppermint bark, spiced nuts, bath salts, and potted herbs. These are my big ideas ideas, we’ll see what I get to this week for Christmas and next week for New Years and what actually turns out well. Wish me luck and follow along in my DIY Holiday adventure! Come along and give it a go, too, if you feel inspired; we can compare notes. 🙂 Do you guys make your own gifts for the holidays? If so, what do you make and what have you found that people just love?

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Note to self: It’s easy to give to the people we love, but I want to be more intentional about giving to my neighbors and others I may not automatically think of who I could give to this year.


  • Erika says:

    Here is my list of homemade gifts over the past two years: lemon infused sugar, salted caramel cocoa, apple cider caramels, peppermint swirl hand soap, roasted garlic salt, zesty lemon salt, felted wool dryer balls, cute fabric cleaning cloths, custom fabric hand towels, sugar body scrub.
    For the kids: play dough, gooey slime, hair bows and ties, soap buddies, snugglettes, felt DS case, beaded bracelets & aprons.

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Fantastic, Erika! I’m taking notes. I really need to learn to make the felted wool dryer balls, but that would involve sewing, yes? 😉 I love the boy apron you made, awesome!

  • Charlena says:

    Love the crafty gifts! I just completed several eco soy candles, poured in wide mouth wine glasses — gingerbread scent — for my neighbors and friends. 🙂 It’s wonderful to make things for people.


    • Freshly Grown says:

      I’m intimidated by soy candles. How long did it take you and was it fairly easy? I have the supplies, right? 😉 😉

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