March Against Monsanto: PDX

Six thousand Portlanders came out for last Saturday’s ‘March Against Monsanto.’ Folks held their anti-GMO banners and signs high in protest against the corporate giant. This giant has almost become a household name: Monsanto. Known for their corrupt and shady history involving carcinogenic substances and chemicals such as DDT, Agent Orange, PCBs, rBGH, Glyphosate (the main chemical in the herbicide Roundup), and their latest science experiment, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), along with sidestepping government regulations, destroying the livelihood of farmers, and their current position on labelingpeople finally got fed up and decided to march in protest against this insidious company on Saturday, March 25th, 2013. And, not just in a few cities. GLOBALLY. 52 countries. 436 cities. Here are the highlights from my own city’s rally & march: Portland, Oregon

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Monsanto protesters across globe rally against firm’s genetically modified food products


‘This Is What Democracy Looks Like’ | March Against Monsanto: Portland, OR from Freshly Grown on Vimeo.


‘Community Rights Movement Speech’ | March Against Monsanto: Portland, OR from Freshly Grown on Vimeo.


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