Parsley Cleanser

Parsley is an incredible detoxifier. It binds to heavy metals and toxins and pulls them right out of your system. Get it into your diet as much as you can!  Here is a juice you can drink packed with the detoxifying benefits of parsley. Cheers!


Parsley Cleanser 

2 huge beetroots (I used golden beets for the one pictured)

1 bunch parsley (including the stems)

1/2 orange

1/8th-1/4th pineapple (just slice a slim piece off right down the side)

1/2 lemon

Go organic, why juice pesticides! Wash all produce, cut beet ends, peel orange & lemon, cut pineapple skin off. Send all produce through your juicing machine. Drink quickly and enjoy!

 *Note: Cilantro is also a powerful heavy metal detoxifier, you could try this recipe with cilantro if you don’t have parsley, but I can’t guarantee the taste results! 



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  • Leah J says:

    Can you put this in a high speed blender as well or does it need to be juiced? Thanks

    • Freshly Grown says:

      You could definitely try this. I would simply add 1-2 cups water or coconut water. Let me know how it tastes!

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Leah, so I tried it in my Blendtec. I used 1 c. coconut water and a bunch of ice, made sure the produce was chopped well and used my juice setting like 3 times. It was good. May need a bit more orange or pineapple if you want to cut the parsley flavor a bit. Cheers!

  • Angela says:

    Never tried golden beets before! Do they taste like red beets?

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Hey, Angela. I would say they’re not as ‘beety’ if that makes sense. Still beets, but not as strong. They came in our produce box last week. The golden beets went nicely with this juice and I love them roasted in salads.


  • John says:

    Cant wait to try this. I just started following your website and i’m loving it!

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