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Meet Joe. I went to high school with Joe. He’s cool. Meet Angela. I just met her for the first time a few weeks ago right after they got back from their honeymoon. She’s also way cool and a health coach, we had lots to talk about! Joe is a fisherman and goes up to Bristol Bay, Alaska each year to catch wild, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (that’s his business above). He just recently got a job offer in California, so Joe and his new bride are headed that way in 10 days. That means he has a lot of fish to sell. He is offering a bulk price discount through Freshly Grown (we are ever-so grateful, Joe and Angela!) and the details are as follows:

When: Now! Because they are selling their fish in the next 9 days! You pick your date next week to pick up your fish on the drop down on the order form. Friday 4.19 or Sat 4.20 work best for them or you pick a day next week that works for you if those days don’t work.

Where:  Pick up located near 102nd & Halsey in Portland. You will receive an email with details and directions after your order is placed.

What:  Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. 10 lb order minimums, but up to any quantity you would like is a-okay by them!

  • Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
  • Wild-caught in Bristol Bay, Alaska
  • Flash frozen, then deep frozen, it can last in your freezer for a year
  • No chemicals, dips, or glazes
  • Sushi grade
  • Individual vacuum sealed fillets

More info if you need it —-> Here

How much: 10 – 19 lbs @ $8.95/lb  || 20 lbs. and up @ $8.50/lb Awesome prices. Enough said.

How to order:  Salmon Sale for Freshly Grown Readers Order Link! expired

How to pay:  After you order, you will receive an invoice and you can pay via eCheck or Credit Card through a link in the invoice.  They will also accept cash or check at the time you show up to pick-up your fish. They are cool like that.

So…Go, go, go!! What are you waiting for! Get your wild salmon! Tell your friends! Share this post with everyone you know and love in the Portland and Washington area who would love to get in on a great deal for salmon from an awesome fisherman team! Thanks Joe and Angela. You guys rock.

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