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Welcome to Freshly Grown’s Amazon Store! The following items are great resources to get you going on a whole food’s kitchen and lifestyle. Most of the items below are organic, non-toxic and/or ‘green.’ Browse around!

I use Amazon Prime to save and get two-day shipping and you can split the yearly membership with others. I also got introduced to ‘Subscribe and Save.’ If you order certain products on a regular basis and set them up on a monthly or even six months out reoccurring purchase, you get a 15% savings on top of Amazon prices. These are ways I have used Amazon to help our budget and save. I do get some of these products locally, but I know not everyone has that option, so I’m including some of them. 🙂

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Freshly Grown Pantry

Lunchbox ♥Love♥


Freshly Grown Kitchen


Pots & Pans

*Note: Some  Lodge Logic cast iron products are pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, you have to strip the cast iron and re-season it with real food, high heat oil.




{Love Pampered Chef’s Stoneware, but Amazon has some options as well}

Storage & Mason Jars

Freshly Grown Bath & Body

I make my own DIY bath and products using high quality essential oils, but if I don’t, these are some great go-tos:

Baby & Kids

Using any of these links supports Freshly Grown and keeps the blog going. Thank you!