Cleansing Winter Cocktail

Waiting for baby #2 to come and nesting in the meantime! Today, I made a raw, cleansing winter cocktail with tart cranberries and mandarins. Yum! This juice is a great way to juice seasonally. Raw foods and juices aren’t always the go-to during Fall and Winter, but adding warming components of ginger and parsley balance the cooling properties of a raw juice. It is important to support the kidneys and bladder during the Winter months and raw cranberries are an excellent way to do this. They aid in relieving inflammation and combat infection.

Cleansing Winter Cocktail!

Cleansing Winter Cocktail

1 large beetroot

1/3 c. raw cranberries

1 orange or 3 mandarins

2 carrots

1/2 bunch of parsley

Piece of ginger root

Dark leafy greens (always an option)

Go organic, why juice pesticides! Wash all produce, cut beet ends + peel oranges, beets carrots and ginger. Send all produce through your juicing machine. Drink quickly and enjoy!

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Cleansing Winter Cocktail


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