Beety Goodness

I wanted to go for a sweeter juice this morning. I’m used to toning the fruit way down, but this morning was not one of those times. And…it was so good!!!

Do you juice beets? I know, I know, they’re kind of awful at first. The key: at first! You get used to them. Trust me. I used the smallest slice the first time I juiced a beet and gagged. Now, I can juice an entire, huge beetroot in whatever I’m juicing and I down it, no problem. So, hang in there fearless one, if I can do it, you can do it! Just give it time.

Beets = liver tonic, high in Vits and minerals (of course), blood cleaner and can even aid in depression. Go beets!


Beety Goodness

1 beetroot 
Half bunch of kale, stalks and all
Half bunch of parsley
1 small orange
Half a lemon
1 small apple
Big piece of ginger

Go organic, why juice pesticides! Wash all produce, cut beet ends, peel oranges, and cut stalk ends. Send all produce through your juicing machine. Drink quickly and enjoy!


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