March Essential Oils Promo!!

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The first day of Spring this year is March 20th!! If you haven’t gotten your essential oils kit yet, get it in time for Spring. I’m thinking Spring detox, Spring cleaning, refreshing sugar and salt scrubs, face masks…all using EOs. I’m running a March promo so it makes it that much better!


If you get your Premium Starter Kit anytime between March 1st-31st I will gift you:

  • 1 15-ml bottle of Lime essential oil
  • 1 Diffuser Necklace
  • 1 Android/iPhone Reference Guide to Essential Oils App

Promo code: FGMarchOils

To use your promo code and get your free gifts email me at: with the promo code. It is my personal promotion, not the company’s so there is nowhere to input the code at checkout. You just have to email me the code in the subject line so I know you got your kit + want your FREE March goods! That’s it!

Freshly Grown's March Essential Oils Promotion!

About the F R E E Gifts

Lime is great for Spring! Lime can be used to support the immune system, uplift mood, good for acne, dissolves cellulite as it is cleanses the lymphatic system, aids in weight management (throw a drop or two in a glass of water), and it’s a refreshing air purifier!

You can drop 1 or two drops of your favorite oils in your Diffuser Necklace and reap the benefits of aromatherapy all day long. Essential oil molecules are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier and work on the limbic system part of the brain, which affects mood. My favorite necklace combo = Joy + Citrus Fresh, it really uplifts my mood

The Reference Guide to Essential Oils App is this book in app form, great for on-the-go!

What’s in the Premium Starter Kit?

Click HERE to see what’s in the Premium Starter Kit

You will have support from me all the way + my awesome team on how to use essential oils safely and effectively and can also request access to join our fabulous oily group here where we talk all things oils. 

EOs have replaced so many toxic things in our home, helped us get through sickness much faster and are remarkable to use in home beauty care and for sleep! Get ready for some fun + amazing uses once you have your kit!

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Freshly Grown's March Essential Oils Promotion!

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