Juicing + Road Trip Pics

Our quick road trip up north to see our friend, C was fantastic. So relaxing. We simply hung out. We had some grand plans tucked up our sleeves that involved hiking and taking a ferry, but realized we would rather just be. Plus after the intense summer, we were all beat. It was a glorious time of relaxing and lounging coupled with good quality time with friends. Wish our trip could have lasted a week.

My mom, J and I did stop off at Thrive in Seattle on the way to C’s house to check out the raw, juicing goodness that was to be had inside of this little nook off of 65th St. J had been in the car for a few hours by this point so he was more interested in taking a walk around the block than sitting down and ordering, understandably so. After our trek around the city block, we finally ordered. I got a juice called ‘Refresh,’ cucumber, celery, kale and spinach ($7 wha?!!), J got a fresh coconut smoothie made with cashews, dates and salt and my mom ordered the yummiest raw kale salad bowl (want.the.recipe.). Then we were on the road again headed an hour north. After trying my mom’s kale bowl, I realized I need to start intentionally creating raw food concoctions at home, so darn good and you always feel energized afterward. Where have I been?

The same night we all went to visit my old stomping ground in downtown Burlington. Yep, we spent our evening at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op; it was awesome.  They have an incredible deli, bakery, food bar, juice bar and even in-house ice cream. I got a sample plate of just about every raw salad they had, they were all so good, and J and I split a huge beet, carrot, and apple juice (their price $3.95, yeah.). It was a great time of conversation and catching up, hanging with old friends and connecting with new ones. Afterward, we all went back to C’s house to chat and hang. Before everyone left, J performed a song he made up with his Lena (my mom) on the way to the park earlier that afternoon. He was shy, but he really wanted to share with us their song. He sang (in the quietest voice ever. soo cute!):

‘J and Lena walking down the street, played in the park now we’re goin’ for a treat! (repeat over and over and over)

We reluctantly headed back the next afternoon. We were all sad to go, especially my little guy. He made friends with the neighborhood kids and decided he wanted us all to live at C’s house instead of going back home. In a day-and-a-half he played with three dogs, a cat, a rabbit and even a pot belly pig and was taken under the wing of the neighborhood kids. I must say, there’s somethin’ to be said for small towns. Until next time…


  • Chery Johnson says:

    I miss youuuu, come back come back!!

    • Freshly Grown says:

      I know! Come down here for your birthday!

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