Is Monsanto Really That Bad?

We’ve all heard it. Monsanto is evil, corrupt, horrible, blah, blah, blah. But, is this corporate giant really all that bad?  I mean aren’t their intentions to give farmers jobs and bring food to the whole world? And, through GMOs, aren’t they are able to do that? If you haven’t taken an interest in the whole big ag/GMO debate, you should. It affects every bite of food you take, you and your children’s health and the vitality of the land we currently inhabit.

5 Reasons Why Some Say Monsanto Sucks

1. Profiteering poisonous chemical company posing as agribusiness.

2. Building a monopoly, putting farmers out of work.

3. Controlling the food, privatizing the water.

4. Running the FDA, writing its own protection laws.

5. Continuing environmental nightmares.

 Read the full article from Alternet here.

Natural News can be pretty sensationalistic at times, but Mike Adams nails some of this GMO stuff. For a deeper look at one side of the issue –>

The Evil of Monsanto and GMOs Explained: Bad Technology, Endless Greed and the Destruction of Humanity

What do you think? Is Monsanto and the rest of the big ag companies all that bad. Why or why  not?

Is Monsanto Really That Bad?

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  • Kimberley O'Brien Chicago Foodie says:

    Interesting. I’m not sure what to feel about Monsanto and I’ve been trying to read up on the company before I come to some sort of conclusion. At best, I feel like they’re just a big company getting put on trial because of their size and degree of publicity. At worst, though, they seem to be abusing their power by doing whatever they want, regardless of what consumers say. It’s a complex issue, that’s for sure.

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