October = Pumpkin Patch Time

October is here and my Little is so pumped to get a Pumpkin Jack. Every time we go to the grocery store and he sees the big box of pumpkins he asks if he can take one home, and every time I tell him in that storytelling kind of voice that we are waiting to go to the BIG…HUGE…PUMPKIN PATCH. His eyes always light up and he gets a big grin on his face like, ‘Yeah!’ The anticipation is building. Mission accomplished.

These are our family highlights from our pumpkin patch adventure last year. Yes, we are in shorts. Weird Cool, I know. Christmas in Maui (still in shorts) was even weirder cooler.

We are a bit excited, borderline over-excited, about the Fall and Winter this year. We love Maui, but we also love our seasons. Fuzzy blankets, yummy hot drinks, tall boots, pumpkin everything, crunchy leaves that have fallen to the ground, sweaters and leggings (for us gals), curling up with my Loves and snuggling in front of a fire, movie nights with the rain tapping on windows, these are all some of my favorite things. Enter Julie Andrews…now.

What about you guys? What are you most excited about this Fall season and what are some of your family traditions?


  • Charlena says:

    I love the fall season too but I miss Maui terribly right now. Not for the weather but for the time of our lives that it was. Went by too fast. May God bless with another longer season soon, while Jaden is still little enough to want to hang with Lena all the time. 🙂

    • Freshly Grown says:

      I miss Maui, too. The smell of the breeze, the sugar cane in the air, the sound of the palm trees rustling in the wind, the feel of the sand underneath our toes and the rush of the salt water on our faces as we dive deep into the ocean. Ah, yes. Bliss. Family time was the best time. Dinners around the rusting, wood table. High-low. Giggle Hill…

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