Reduce, Reuse, Recycled Robot


Recycled Robot

I got this idea from Red Ted Art’s Blog ’35 Crafts to Make With or For Your Boys’ but you can totally make recycled robots with your girls, too. The reason I like this craft is you can literally recycle almost anything and make it into a robot. We have ventured into making more recycled crafts by saving every toilet paper roll just so J can paint them and make them into a recycled something. Perhaps you are in need of a pair of binoculars or arms and legs to a creature; paper rolls are fantastic. Caps and lids make eyes and buttons, cardboard boxes and cartons can be cut into buildings and vehicles. The best part, you don’t have to spend anything at the craft store. Here’s an idea:

Next to what you recycle at home make a special recycle bin just for your kiddos and they can help fill it with they want to use for crafts later, you can give them a small list of specific things to look to for as they start to recycle items. Toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, caps and lids are a great start! It’s a win-win, they learn about recycling and reusing, you save $$ on craft supplies and feel like a enlightened caretaker of the earth. Score!

Recycled Robot

Recycled Robots post via Cooking with My Kid

Recycled craft ideas viaΒ Recycled Crafts Pinterest Board

Paper Roll Ideas















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Happy recycle crafting, you guys. Post pics and links if you make something so we can keep the (Pin)spiration going!


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