Welcome to Freshly Grown. Over the next week or so I’ll be sharing all things chicken related. You’ll get to meet Jerry, the chicken farmer and learn facts and information about your eggs and chickens you may not have known. Stay tuned, it’s gonna’ be fun!


  • Taylor McClelland says:

    Congrats on your blog and having the courage to follow the callings in your heart! I am happy for you and the person your bravery will allow you to blossom into 🙂

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Taylor, thank you for your words. Courage is what it takes to follow your passion when the road seems bleak, many days seemed this way and I wasn’t sure if my voice mattered. But we all have a voice and our voice does matter.

  • Kiersten says:

    I love that it is chicken week!! This is easily 16-month-old Sophie’s favorite food. I can’t wait to read more and learn about chickens along with you. So great!

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Me, too! Chickens of all things! But, of course the story tells why. J digs chicken, too. I’m learning along the way, let’s learn together!

  • Chery Johnson says:

    So proud of my amazing, wonderful, talented vision seeking friend who is stepping out ensure her vision is a reality, for everyone….. Check it out!!

    Here’s my two cents – So real, so promising, so necessary! As americans we all struggle with the “right” food consumption – too much, too little and so much of the wrong stuff. Constantly faced with the challenges of a busy pace, the marketing in the food industry, and the thought that we don’t have the “time” to eat and treat our bodies in the way were designed to live is what they hone in on…. eat cheap, eat fast.

    The right time, is right before us. FRESHLY GROWN is a simple tool, with a large value. Excited to share and follow! LOVE YOU MY SWEET RAMA!!

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Thanks, C! Let’s journey on. Love you right back.

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