Fudehouse // Popcorn. Pop It Like It’s Hot

Fudehouse is back and they’re up to awesome video making once again. This time they are showing us how to pop popcorn stovetop style. Definitely add your vitamin-packed nutritional yeast at the end if you’re going for a cheesy flavor. Mmm….popcorn.

And remember, corn is the #1 genetically modified (GMO) crop in America. 88% of corn is GM corn. Always buy your corn kernels with one or both of these labels:

1. USDA-Certified Organic

2.  Non-GMO Project Verified




Top 7 Genetically Modified Crops


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  • Stephane says:

    What a simple but ingenious idea. Thanks very much !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Sure thing, Stephane! Thanks for stopping by. Love Fudehouse.

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