Real Food for Real Life E-Book Sale ’til June 30th!

Emily Benfit blogs at Butter and she sets us straight when it comes to the many myths of healthy eating. She has written Real Food for Real Life to make what has become for many of us complicated…uncomplicated. Eating real, whole foods shouldn’t be a list of dos and dont’s, nor should it be elitist a.k.a. only reserved for those who can afford it.


Real Food for Real Life is for the rest of us who just want to eat well and be normal. It’s my sincere hope that this book will help you to develop a conscious, balanced, health-promoting and enjoyable relationship with the food you eat. – Emily Benfit, Butter Believer



Get Emily’s e-book Real Food for Real Life: How to Eat Healthy Without Going Crazy while it’s on sale: 40% off through June 30th, 2013


Real Food for Real Life: How To Eat Healthy Without Going Completely Crazy

Real Food for Real People | 40% off e-book!


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