We Have Turkeys!!!

Well, I don’t have turkeys, but my farmer friend Jerry over at Grow International is growing pasture-raised turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving! …or Christmas or just because turkey is good anytime of year. Plus, you can make more nourishing bone broth (remember the post about how bone broth is sexy?). His farm is in McMinnville so if you live in the Portland/McMinnville area, get on this while they last!

Local Turkeys

Turkey Details

  • Pasture-raised turkeys (he’s growing them as I type.)
  • Ready for pickup on November, 23rd 2013 at the farm with an invitation to tour the farm with Jerry and fam and see what his farm is all about and where your turkeys come from (7am-2pm), or $5 for delivery on November 24th to the Portland Metro area only
  • First come, first serve
  • $35 deposit to hold your turkey and it will go towards the total cost
  • Turkeys will weigh in between 15-20 lbs
  • $4.50/lb. (I know, I know, BUT we’re talking about the best, freshest turkey ever. Trust me, I get his chickens delivered each month and nothing compares to the taste. Nothing. Definitely not a conventional, grocery store, factory-farmed turkey or even an organic chicken from Costco traveling long distances can compare to local, farm raised, pasture raised game.

2 awesome things to think about: #1. You are supporting a local farmer and his family and building a long-term relationship. Seriously, go meet Jerry, shake his hand, he’s awesome and so is his family and #2. You are getting the highest quality food source for your family this Thanksgiving (or whenever you decide to eat your turkey!). ORGANIC DOES NOT MEAN PASTURE RAISED. With the organic label, chickens and turkeys are required access to the outdoors, but that could be 5 minutes a day and they can call it good. These turkeys are outside from the get go doing their turkey thing: foraging and engaging in natural turkey behavior. If you’re into that over factory-farm, antibiotic, confined turkeys, get a Jerry turkey. You won’t regret it. Sales pitch over. šŸ˜‰

jerry fam

Email Jerry to reserve your turkey and get directions to the farm. Let him know Freshly Grown sent you! Jerry@grow-international.com

Click pic to get the page info.

Jerry's Turkeys


Studies have shown that pastured-based meat and dairy are far more nutritious than their conventional counterparts. They are richer in antioxidants; including vitamins E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C and contain far more Omega-3 fatty acids. Turkeys that are raised on grass and allowed to roam around and practice normal turkey behavior are healthier, safer to eat, good for the environment, and get to live a happy life. – The Truth About Turkey


If you don’t live locally, purchase the best turkey you can, but seriously consider avoiding factory-farmed turkeys. They just aren’t worth it. Rampant disease, poor quality of meat, GMO feed, antibiotic use in the feed, confinement and poor living conditions, growth rate exceeding the rate of nature, this is all normal in factory farms and it affects your end product, which you then eat if you choose these kinds of turkeys. Think about it. We truly are what we eat and what we eat, eats.

Grow International Turkey

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Photo credit: Keith J Smith/Alamy

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