Whole Living’s Whole Body Detox || Week 1 Plan

21 on 21 || Whole Living's 21-Day Whole Body Detox || Freshly Grown

You can find everything on Whole Living’s website, but I broke it down a bit here as well.

For 3 weeks we are going to remove/take a break from:

  • Processed Anything (anything that comes from a box or package or has refined ingredients)
  • Added Sugars (honey is okay in small amounts)
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee

Week 1 

Movement: Stretch for 5-10 min. every morning upon waking or before bed. Picture of stretches found here + Complete 30 minutes of moderate cardio 3x this week

Every Morning: Drink the Golden Elixir – 1 cup hot water (not boiling or it will destroy nutrients) + 1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice + 1/8 tsp. each of fresh, ground turmeric & ginger + a dash of cayenne and raw honey to taste. You can also drink this throughout the day.

Throughout the Day: Drink the Cleansing Broth throughout the day to aid in detoxification. Make a batch at the beginning of each week. Recipe found here.

Snacks: Definitely snack in-between meals. Again, this isn’t about starvation. Keep yourself fueled appropriately, not over, not under. Weeks 1, 2 & 3 Whole Living Snacks found here.

Menu: Not exactly the kind of bland stuff that springs to mind when you think “detox cuisine,” is it? Thank Sarah Britton, the Copenhagen, Denmark–based holistic nutritionist behind the blog My New Roots, whom we tapped for the second year in a row to create her always-fabulous food. Breakfasts are juices and smoothies, which are easy on digestion. For lunches and dinners, you’ll see lots of liver-boosting cruciferous vegetables and lentils (“They’re the legume that’s most easily digested,” Blum says of the latter). To ensure success this week, plan your meals and then prep whatever you can ahead of time (cook lentils, roast beets). – Excerpt from Whole Living Magazine

Day 1

Breakfast: Mango-Tahini Smoothie

Lunch: French Lentil Salad

Dinner: Creamy Broccoli Soup

Day 2

Breakfast: Day 2: Cucumber-Pear Juice

Lunch: Creamy Broccoli Soup

Dinner: Cauliflower “Rice” Stir Fry

Day 3

Breakfast: Blueberry-Mint Smoothie

Lunch: French Lentil Salad

Dinner: Creamy Broccoli Soup

Day 4

Breakfast: Pineapple-Spinach Juice

Lunch: Cauliflower “Rice” Stir Fry

Dinner: Roasted Portobellos With Kale

Day 5

Breakfast: Mango-Tahini Smoothie

Lunch: Roasted Beets on Greens

Dinner: Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew

Day 6

Breakfast: Green Lemonade

Lunch: Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew

Dinner: Roasted Portobellos With Kale

Day 7

Breakfast: Blueberry-Mint Smoothie

Lunch: Roasted Beets on Greens

Dinner:  French Lentil Salad

Whole Living Detox Week 2

Whole Living Detox Week 3

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Source: This Detox plan is solely from Whole Living, a Martha Stewart Publication & Website. Check it out, it’s fantastic!



  • Kiersten says:

    So great! I wish everyone well on this. I am going to stick with my pregnancy diet and stretches (38 weeks today!) and join you on the next round. But I love that everyone is thinking about some alignment going into a beautiful 2013. Best wishes!!

    (Excellent plan – it looks beautiful! I’m going to snag some recipes from it for future use.)

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Kiersten! Yes, snag these recipes, they are great. This week is going well. It is a mild detox, which I enjoy, but then again it also depends on a person’s diet prior to how they will feel during. Thank you for encouraging us! And we’ll see you for the next round in a few months. Love! -R

  • Mary Ann says:

    What is the soup pictured? It looks delicious! I won’t be joining the Whole 30 but I’ll be following along, currently I’m cutting sugar and most grains. Cucumber pear juice sounds amazing!

  • Rhonda L. says:

    I just found this blog site today, would LOVE to try the 21 day detox!! I am going to shop for ingredients today and start tomorrow morning. Is there a grocery list posted somewhere to go with the recipes by chance?

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Rhonda! Welcome! Glad you found Freshly Grown and awesome you want to try the 21-Day! There is not a grocery list. I though about posting one, but I know a lot of folks will tweak it to what they can find closest to them and due to possible allergens. But! Have you heard of Plan to Eat. I discovered it from a friend over the holidays during one of their sales and it’s a great site to import recipes, create a weekly/monthly meal plan and print a grocery list. Takes a bit of time upfront, but I think it will be worth the time once you get it down. (I say I think because I’m still figuring it out). For this cleanse, I am just creating my own list week-by-week as I go. If you need any support during the detox, feel free to comment here or on the FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/be.freshlygrown

  • Hipolito Starnold says:

    Lentils are also commonly used in Ethiopia in a stew-like dish called kik, or kik wot, one of the dishes people eat with Ethiopia’s national food, injera flat bread. Yellow lentils are used to make a nonspicy stew, which is one of the first solid foods Ethiopian women feed their babies.””:.

    http://www.healthwellnessbook.comMy own, personal blog

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Love Ethiopian food, especially lentils with injera! So good! -Rama

  • Otis says:

    Howdy, There’s no doubt that your site may be having browser compatibility problems.
    When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in I.E., it has some overlapping issues.

    I merely wanted to provide you with a quick heads up!
    Besides that, great site!

    • Freshly Grown says:

      Thanks, I’ll have to check it out! -Rama

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