Best Honey Lime Vinaigrette Ever

Honey-Lime Vinaigrette by The Yummy Life

I made this for a client this week. She hired me to come and make her nourishing meals after just having her second: a sweet, tiny baby girl (love my job!). Their family mainly eats Paleo, so I chose Beef Carnitas Tacos for their first meal and was looking for a nice lime salad dressing to go with the salad. I was hoping I could find one with a little cumin mixed in. I didn’t have time to play around with my own version, so I hit the internet for some good recipes. And this is what I found….

You guys. I could drink this it’s so good! I won’t write out the whole recipe here because it’s not my own, but I will link to it. Go over to The Yummy Life and check it out and if you try it and like it, leave her a comment. It rules.

The Yummy Life’s Honey Lime Vinaigrette

P.S. I’m not into canola oil at all. Canola is one of the biggest GMO crops in the U.S., so opt for an organic, cold-pressed Grapeseed oil instead.

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Pic source: The Yummy Life




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  • Thanks so much for the enthusiastic endorsement of this recipe! I appreciate the link love, too. BTW, I’ve switched to using grapeseed oil in place of canola, too, for the same reason you explain. I need to go back and update some of my older recipes like this one. Totally agree with you. Love your blog! :-)

    • Reply March 9, 2013

      Freshly Grown

      Yeay!! Yeah, this post has gotten ‘Pinned’ quite a bit and rightfully so, it’s a fabulous recipe! Nice work! Thanks for stopping by :) I hear you, so much of what I used to consume I don’t anymore, but it’s been a long process. I used to buy canola oil as well thinking I was being healthy, but now I know! I tried it with the grapeseed and it was great!

      • Reply March 9, 2013

        Freshly Grown

        Monica, love yours, too!! (your blog!), so great.

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