How to Make Your Own Dino Chocolates!

Hey, guys! I am no professional chocolate maker that’s for sure, but these worked for us! They turned out cute, tasted awesome, and they were completely easy to make. I simply took dark chocolate (Fair Trade) chips, melted them with a little coconut oil (you can use coconut butter for a less melty result), filled the molds halfway with the melted chocolate, sprinkled in the add-ins, topped it off with more melted chocolate and stuck ’em in the freezer! That’s it. A few hours later some pretty impressive lil’ dino chocolates popped out. My little man was so excited and kept asking if they were ready. When they finally were ready, they were gone in minutes. That’s the only downside!  I wish I would have ordered more dino molds at the whopping price of $1.99 (at the time I bought them). They just take awhile to ship as they are not on 2-day Prime.

Note: to really do it pro style, you should temper your chocolate to get a better result. Both of my thermometers had to go to the graveyard recently and I haven’t picked up a new one just yet, so no tempering for me. 😉 You will still get a yummy result if you don’t temper your chocolate, they will just be melty on your fingers and not as shiny when they’re done.

Dino Chocolates!

How to Make Your Own Dino Chocolates!

First, get this mold.

The, grab a bag of Fair Trade chocolate chips. I get mine at Costco.

Decide if you’re going to use coconut oil or coconut butter.

Then, pick out your add-ins. I chose cinnamon-pistachio, cashew-coconut and fleur de sel a.k.a. flaky sea salt. The world is your oyster, go crazy or just leave ’em plain.


1 c. Fair Trade Chocolate Chips

2 1/2 tsp.  coconut oil or coconut butter

Add-ins of your choice


Use a double broiler to melt the chocolate chips or simply add chips to a glass bowl or measuring cup and place in a shallow pot of hot water on the stove. Add your coconut oil or butter. Stir thoroughly until you get a smooth consistency. Fill molds halfway with the melted chocolate mixture, sprinkle in your add-ins, fill molds to the top with more melted chocolate, wipe excess chocolate so you get a smooth finish for the bottoms of the dinos, and place in the fridge or freezer until solid all the way through (a couple of hours). Pop ’em out and serve! I’m making more of these for an unjunked Halloween this week. You can do this same method using different silicone molds. Have fun with it! I seriously never knew chocolate making could be this easy.

Dino Chocolates




Dino Chocolates

Fun, Chocolate Making Shop

Search for more molds here.

This chocolate pen would also make it easier to fill molds. I might have to snag one of these!

Chocolate Pen

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Dino Chocolates!





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